Spitting small white stinky balls from small « holes » in the tonsils is a master symptom of a caseous chronic cryptic tonsillitis with cysts and emission of casein at the tonsillar crypts.

Chronic tonsillitis occurs after recurrent tonsillitis. The breath is foul, sometimes with casein issued by mouth,  and white points on the outlets crypts.

Inside the crypt is a microbial flora including hemolytic streptococci, common with all the complications they can cause (acute rheumatic fever and cardiac complications) but also Staphylococcus aureus, Haemophilus and the anaerobes bacteria. These tonsils if they are hypertrophied, may also be responsible for insomnia, nocturnal snoring and / or sleep apnea.

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Tonsillitis caseous: how to fix it? Are there solutions? What remedies, treatments and / or operations?

Treatment with antibiotics will often at first, then, if failure or if surges are too frequent, laser tonsil ablation, which is an important therapeutic advance. This laser vaporization can be also after tonsillectomy on the remaining tonsillar stumps.

It consists of the vaporization painless ambulatory of tonsils in one to five sessions according to their volume with laser under local anesthetic. Normal activities can be resumed immediately after. The postoperative boil down to a throat discomfort when swallowing.