Cottle’s maneuver or Bachmann’s maneuver are implemented by Otolaryngologists or thanks to a nasal dilator. Cottle’s maneuver consists of spreading of the nasal wings (bilaterally in the frontal plane). Bachmann’s manoeuver consists of the stretch applied  on the tip of the nose upwards in the median sagittal plane (effect « pig nose »). Both maneuvers can highlight the dominant role of the nasal valve in the resistance of the nasal cavity.

RespiFacile® nasal dilator has the unique ability to replicate simultaneously Cottle’s maneuver and Bachmann’s maneuver. Exert pressure on  the alar cartillages in the right place, in the right direction and with anatomically shaped tips are the combination of making RespiFacile® the best nasal dilator designed against stuffy nose.