Listed below are answers to frequently asked questions about RespiFacile®:

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How can I purchase RespiFacile® if I can't find it at my usual pharmacy?

The simplest and fastest way to obtain the RespiFacile® nasal dilator is to order it at
You can pay by credit card or Paypal.

Don't hesitate if you have any medical questions.

After receiving RespiFacile®, watch the demonstration video to see how to insert it:

Do you accept orders from countries other than France (e.g. Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, USA)?

RespiFacile® can be shipped to 40 European and North American countries in the following list

Sometimes I lose my RespiFacile® dilator while sleeping and find it beside me in the morning. Is there a way to prevent it from falling out of my nose?

Yes. Around 1 person in 5 has a nose with oblique side walls that do not hold the nasal dilator in place well and allow it to slip out while they sleep. This can be prevented by gluing the little round pad on the middle section to your nasal bridge like the Tour de France cyclists in the pictures below.

I've seen RespiFacile® nasal dilators in different colors, in pictures and clips shown on TV. What colors are available to members of the public?

The various prototypes and preproduction units came in different colors.
RespiFacile® is now available in three colors: natural flesh-tone beige, light blue-green and dark bordeaux

RespiFacile® as seen on TV:
Watch the RespiFacile® video
How does it work?
What the press is saying:

"It's as if someone suddenly opened a window."

"It is the first time such a medical device has been successfully worn during a zero gravity surgery."

"The best in its category"

"RespiFacile® can be exceptional if you can carry it all night."

When breathing becomes a problem
1 in 6 people suffers from a stuffy nose
Nasal obstruction can have serious consequences.

Sleepless nights caused by a stuffy nose or a snoring partner can lead to fatigue in the workplace and can increase the risk of falling asleep while driving… Read more...

The elderly and the sick…
A stuffy nose can have serious consequences.

Nasal obstruction can take a heavy toll on a person weakened by age or illness as well as on conditions such as cardiac fatigue (weak heart).

Improving nasal breathing relieves the body of a portion of its respiratory effort and can thus prevent serious accidents. Read more...

Whether chronic or acute, a stuffy nose has various causes and consequences

Impaired nasal breathing can be linked to a host of chronic or acute causes such as colds, nasal septum deviation (deviated septum), allergic rhinitis, chronic sinusitis, rhinitis in pregnant women and high air pressure under an oxygen mask… Read more...

RespiFacile® is the solution
The most effective nasal dilator ever designed
  • Works immediately, even with a very stuffy nose.
  • Replaces decongestant sprays and their harmful side effects. RespiFacile® contains no chemicals.
  • Ultralight (less than 2 grams)
  • Reusable and therefore economical to use, unlike disposable nasal strips and decongestant sprays.
  • One size fits all: RespiFacile® features a patented triple-curve design that fits all adult noses.
  • Easy to use; RespiFacile® is as easy to place and remove as a pair of glasses. When RespiFacile® is removed, your nostrils return to their normal shape without any marks or distortions. Read more...