The mandibular advancement device is a removable orthodontic appliance for correcting a morphological alteration and / or functional in oral level.

It can be used in case of snoring and / or sleep apnea syndrome. It consists to advance the lower jaw by means of a gutter upper and another lower, covering the teeth and connected together by a device for mechanically advance the mandible.

Tongue and soft palate are pulled forward, spaces behind the soft palate and tongue are expanded, allowing to breathe better (in theory). In practice be able to breathe freely through the nose is essential to support its mandibular advancement device. This is why more and more users use simultaneously a nasal dilator.

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Snoring and / or sleep apnea are reduced or eliminated in 50% of cases. It is sometimes necessary to make adjustments in the level of advancement before the device is effective.

Dental orthosis is only used during the night. It is only effective if it is worn. It has few side effects, temporary pain most often during the implementation of treatment and disorders of salivation. Some patients also complain of pain in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

It requires a middle and long-term monitoring by the dentist or orthodontist who made the mandibular advancement device in order to detect possible dental problems. The cons-indications are a poor dental condition, a affection of the temporomandibular joint, a periodontal disease. It is important to monitor by a recording that it brings out the desired result.