The radiofrequency (RF) is an electrical appliance that generates a certain frequency alternating current with transmission of radio waves.

Use of radio frequency

It is used in medicine to destroy biological tissue in the course of medical treatment. The frequencies used in the treatment of snoring and / or sleep apnea are of low or medium frequency. A less invasive option is to use the nasal dilator RespiFacile.

The application of a radiofrequency electrode at the soft palate or turbinates allows submucosa controlled coagulation of the tissues without charring, leading to a reduction in volume.

The treatment is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia: a simple one feels discomfort is felt, and there is swelling for a few days.

Two to three sessions are necessary and sometimes sufficient, but when the snoring persists after several sessions of RF, it may be necessary to perform a laser treatment, more efficient, but it can generate post-operative pain.

The side effects of radio frequency are variable: postoperative discomfort, exceptional pain or post-operative infection. This is why the use of nasal dilator RespiFacile it is preferred first line.

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