The scanner of the nasal cavity and sinuses can detect a chronic sinusitis and the cause of a chronic stuffy nose: deviated nasal septum, enlarged turbinates or nasal polyposis, before proposing any surgical indication, such a laser turbinectomy or if surgery is not possible or desired by the patient, first try a non-invasive solution as nasal dilator RespiFacile. Read more …

Two plans cuts are necessary: frontal and transversal. Iodinated contrast is reserved to the study of tumors or complications of inflammatory disease. The radiation dose and the risk of cataracts remain low but not negligible. The data processing will scan and reconstruct images in 2 or more rarely 3 dimensions.

Only the balance of tumor lesions or other soft tissue defects justifies the additional imaging that the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) brings.

Sinus Scan is an excellent radiography for imaging of bone structures.

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