Forty-five percent of adults snore at least occasionally, and 25 percent are habitual snorers. 30% of adults over 30 years old and 85% of men snore after 40 years old.

Snoring is more common in males and overweight persons and it usually increases with age. During breathing, air passes freely through the nose and mouth, down the throat, passes behind the base of the tongue to reach the laryngeal, cartilage (Adam’s apple) containing the vocal cords.

Snoring is a noise produced by respiration (mostly inspiratory) during sleep, due to vibration of the soft tissues of the back of the throat. It is related to a narrowing of nasal airways (chronic stuffy nose by turbinate hypertrophy) and / or the soft palate and / or the back of the tongue. Snoring is favored by fatigue, taking alcohol or certain medicines. Obesity is also a factor in snoring or in its worsening.

The turbulence of the air inhaled through the nose is one of the major factors of snoring, which is why the nasal dilator RespiFacile reduces or eliminates snoring by opening the nasal valve and making laminar airflow.