Stuffy nose.
Both a cause and a consequence of a host of respiratory diseases.

The nose accounts for two-thirds of total respiratory resistance. In addition to its main functions of air treatment (humidification, warming, filtration) and smell, this makes the nose the main potential congestion point of respiratory physiology.

Learn how RespiFacile® will help you to breathe freely through your nose without the need for any chemical products.

RespiFacile® as seen on TV:
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How does it work?
What the press is saying:

"It's as if someone suddenly opened a window."

"It is the first time such a medical device has been successfully worn during a zero gravity surgery."

"The best in its category"

"RespiFacile® can be exceptional if you can carry it all night."

When RespiFacile® should be worn?

Stuffy nose

RespiFacile® makes use of skin's natural elasticity to unblock the nasal passages instantaneously and without the need for chemicals.



By increasing the flow of air through your nose, Respifacile® helps to break the vicious cycle of congestion that maintains chronic anaerobic infection.


Nasal septum deviation

In cases of inoperable septal deviation, RespiFacile® is the ideal solution for opening up the nasal passages without using chemicals.



RespiFacile® effectively relieves cases of rhinitis that are often aggravated by increasing pollution and does away with decongestant sprays and the secondary inflammation they cause.


Sleep apnea

In certain cases RespiFacile® can replace a CPAP machine and the inconvenience it causes. It can also be worn with a CPAP machine to reduce pressure and leaks under face and nose masks.



RespiFacile® reduces or eliminates nasal-based snoring by making the air flow laminar (instead of turbulent).


Quality of sleep

By enabling proper nasal breathing, RespiFacile® helps the brain to enter the alpha stage of sleep and promotes faster sleep onset and better-quality sleep.



RespiFacile® delivers extra oxygen to your muscles to increase your physical performance and recovery.

RespiFacile® is the solution:
  • Works immediately, even with a very stuffy nose.
  • Replaces decongestant sprays and their harmful side effects. RespiFacile® contains no chemicals.
  • Ultralight (less than 2 grams)
  • Reusable and therefore economical to use, unlike disposable nasal strips and decongestant sprays.
  • One size fits all: RespiFacile® features a patented triple-curve design that fits all adult noses.
  • Easy to use; RespiFacile® is as easy to place and remove as a pair of glasses. When RespiFacile® is removed, your nostrils return to their normal shape without any marks or distortions.   Read more...
Top-Quality RespiFacile®
The most effective nasal dilator ever designed
How does RespiFacile® work?

RespiFacile® fits inside your nostrils and prevents your nasal valve from collapsing while you breathe in. The improvement in breathing is immediate and marked.

The reason is very simple: half of the energy needed for breathing is expended at this valve.


Meticulous research

Developed by a research team from the ENS de Chimie de Paris UMR 7045 CNRS, a prestigious Chemical Engineering School in Paris, RespiFacile® features a patented triplecurve design.

This design is the result of in-depth mechanical, biological and ergonomic research supplemented with morphology statistics.


Beta-Titanium: the very latest generation of titanium alloys

The molecular microstructure of beta-titanium gives it optimum biocompatibility and mechanical properties ideally suited to the human body.

This ultralight alloy, which is used notably in hip replacement surgery, ensures that RespiFacile® weighs less than 2 grams.


Silicone gel for optimum comfort

The pads are made of soft linear-polyaddition medical silicones for gentle contact with the skin inside the nose and ensure optimum comfort.

Made in Germany
Are you affected by any of these situations?
  • Your nose is stuffy very often, especially when lying down.
  • You suffer from sleep disorders.
  • You are often tired when you wake up in the morning or in the early afternoon.
  • You experience episodes of drowsiness while driving.
  • You are easily irritated, especially in the morning.
  • Your partner complains about your snoring and your restless sleep.
  • You do not recover very well after workouts and are short of breath during exercise.
  • Try to eliminate the real causes rather than making the symptoms disappear periodically.
  • An intranasal examination and, if need be, a CT scan is often the first step to find out more. Consult an ENT specialist rather than seeing your physician for the umpteenth time to obtain a prescription for antibiotics or decongestant sprays.
  • Any chemical that is ingested in spray or tablet form for its main beneficial effect always has an adverse side effect that is often the opposite of the desired therapeutic effect.