What the press is saying:

Professor Dominique Martin Performed the World's First
Zero-Gravity Surgical
"Unlike conventional aggressive solutions such as surgical therapies and sprays with harmful side effects, Respifacile®, through its completely reversible mechanical action, clearly stands out as a non-aggressive and effective treatment for improving nasal breathing."
Professor Bernard Forette President of the IAGG World Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics:
"In three cases of use (myself included), the device resulted in unquestionable improvement and the three 'volunteers' continue to gain satisfaction from it. I admit that I was initially skeptical, but I think that this little device should have no problem in becoming widely used as a first line of treatment for many cases of nasal obstruction, given the shortcomings and/or unacceptable side effects of current treatments (apart from CPAP devices, which can always be used as a backup), but what complexity compared to this little dilator."

"The best in its category""

"It is the first time such a medical device has been successfully worn during a zero gravity surgery."

"A success!"

"A clever device"

"It's as if someone suddenly opened a window."

"Everyone should wear it whenever they need extra air."

"RespiFacile® can be exceptional if you can carry it all night."

"A French feat."

RespiFacile® as seen on TV:

RespiFacile® US and French TV
How to use RespiFacile®
RespiFacile® from every perspective
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RespiFacile® on CNN
RespiFacile® interviews on TV
RespiFacile® at the French TV show Telematin
Dessel's time trial
RespiFacile® is the solution:
  • Works immediately, even with a very stuffy nose.
  • Replaces decongestant sprays and their harmful side effects. RespiFacile® contains no chemicals.
  • Ultralight (less than 2 grams)
  • Reusable and therefore economical to use, unlike disposable nasal strips and decongestant sprays.
  • One size fits all: RespiFacile® features a patented triple-curve design that fits all adult noses.
  • Easy to use; RespiFacile® is as easy to place and remove as a pair of glasses. When RespiFacile® is removed, your nostrils return to their normal shape without any marks or distortions.   Read more...