The turbinates are small branches within the nose whereby mucous humidify and warm the air before sending it to the lungs.

The turbinates can increase volume and thus occupy much space and create a barrier to the smooth flow of air.

The increase in the size of the turbinates may be responsible for chronic obstructive rhinitis (whether it is allergic or not) or chronic stuffy nose.

Respiratory difficulties are in most cases due to a deviated nasal septum and a turbinate hypertrophy.

In case of deviation of the nasal septum, turbinate hypertrophy is located on the opposite side, due to the stimulation generated by the largest air flow unobstructed into the nostril.

Hypertrophy may also be related to allergies or individual pathologies.

The turbinate hypertrophy: how to fix it? Are there solutions? What remedies, treatments and / or operations?

In case of allergies or individual diseases, the solution will not be the laser turbinectomy but the resolution of the original problem.

However after failure of medical treatment and if the discomfort is important, partial laser or surgical turbinectomy will be able to be envisaged.

Previously, as the problem in the turbinate hypertrophy was structural and mechanical, an excellent noninvasive solution is the use of nasal dilator RespiFacile which allows air to pass through the nasal passages and without chemical spray. Read more …